Are you culturally Jewish?

Do you identify strongly with your Jewish identity, but not so much with the rites, ritual and worship of religious Judaism? If so, then you are not unlike the majority of Jews in America. Yes, you might be a secular Jew and not even realize it.

Do you belong to an intercultural or nontraditional family where one partner identifies as Jewish?

If so, you may have had a hard time finding a welcoming clergy member to officiate at your precious life cycle events, or a community with which to celebrate those events.

Until now.

We are ordained secular Jewish Vegvayzer (Yiddish for ‘one who points the way’) with full rights to solemnize marriages and other life cycle events, from baby namings, to bar/bat mizvahs, to funerals, memorials, and celebrations of life.

We are here to serve and support you through life’s most poignant moments.

Welcome! Sholem Aleykhem! Barukh habo!


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